Toad-ally Delicious

Motueka is a bustling little town that really draws in the people, especially in the summer season. The town has only got even more popular over the years, and to cope with the constant demands for fresh beautiful food and treats, there has been a crazy increase in the number of cafes and restaurants. One of the original players in Motueka’s hospitality game is Toad Hall, which was the perfect place for me to take my two wellington visitors experiencing a slice of South Island life.

Toad Hall has been around for ages, however has been updated to fit the cravings of almost any local or tourist that walks through their doors. Not only are they a cute little café/restaurant, they are also an organic food store, micro-brewery, and real-fruit ice cream and smoothie connoisseurs. So, knowing that we could literally get anything our tummies were pleading for, we ventured out to try Toad Hall’s variety of offerings.

We were welcomed with a smile from their bubbly staff and took a seat outside to soak up the vitamin D that Motueka always provides – there’s a saying that goes ‘it never rains in Mot’ – and I can second that! After glazing over the menu and scoping out their massive cabinet, we came to a realisation that choosing something to eat wasn’t going to be an easy decision AT ALL. I was inundated by so many different meals and flavours, that I quickly ordered a pint of Townsends Fejoa Cider to take the edge off the food debate. Eventually, my obsession for seafood offered a helping hand to conclude my lunch order, and I opted for their tantalising salmon bagel. The gorgeous smoked salmon paired with watercress, cream cheese, rocket, all sandwiched between a toasty bagel made for a lunch that satisfied all my taste buds. I also must recommend the falafel platter that my boyfriend chose, the flavours of the falafel mixed with the tangy dressings and warm flatbreads felt like we were taken straight to the culinary heart of the Middle East.

I can confidently say that Toad Hall is the Hospo Hub of Motueka, and maybe even the whole of Tasman Bay! With their mouth-watering food, lip-smacking local beverages and their organic produce on offer, they really cater for everybody’s needs. After minimal deliberation due to their obvious high-standard, I am giving Toad Hall a 9/10 on the CCL scale. They offer a variety of food that fits any meal time and any diet, and they have an endless list of drinks that are served by social and welcoming staff. The only complaint I could muster out of the vast amount of positive reviews is the problem with the outdoor seating area (especially in summer); with bugs and flies buzzing around us and our grub. Maybe an investment into some citronella candles would solve this little issue? However, this small niggle could not taint the reputation that this place has earned in my heart, and I will forever be taking my friends and family to this place to experience the best that Motueka has to offer.

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