Fix and Fogg: Peanut Butter with Power

The earliest reference of Peanut butter can be traced back to the ancient Incas and Aztecs, who used tools to grind down peanuts into a smooth paste. Fast forward to 1884 Canada, where Marcellus Edson first patented the process of crushing peanuts between hot surfaces to form a paste – and now? Now we jump to 2019, where many companies have pushed to get their peanut paste on the shelves of supermarkets and people are using this paste not just on toast, but in curries, porridge, granola, and even face-masks. Even though you can use peanut butter in so many diverse ways, the flavour was one that I couldn’t wrap my tongue around – all until one brand made their way into my morning porridge, delivering a taste that dissolved my disgust for peanut butter. This was Fix and Fogg.

Fix and Fogg was founded in 2013 by two soon-to-be parents, Roman and Andrea, who both felt a desire to ditch the law-life and bestow themselves to butters. This was a bold and adventurous move, which could’ve ended in either a sink or swim situation – which, is why they decided to name themselves Fix and Fogg, as both Phileas Fogg and Detective Fix from the 1873 adventure novel, Around the World in 80 Days, also embarked on a compelling, new, and frankly risky journey themselves – so that fit quite nicely.

I think I can speak for the rest of New Zealand, Australia, and anywhere that has tried their peanut butter, in saying thank god Roman and Andrea hung up their gowns and proceeded down the peanut-butter path of business, because their butters have changed the face of breakfast. Lunch and dinners in households all across the nation.

Even though life as a start-up was hard, and earning profits was the goal – Roman and Andrea hey never skimped on quality. The reason why Fix and Fogg tastes so damn delectable is because every single ingredient is sourced locally and ethically, with every batch made by hand – and nothing tastes better than fair trade food. Starting off by making just a few variations of smooth and crunchy peanut butter, they soon took off when a huge supermarket seller saw their boutique butter being sold in a furniture shop. The opportunity was seized, and fast forwarding to now, their butters aren’t only sold throw their secret shop window, but also seen on shelves and in store-fronts all over the world.

They may have captured the hearts of international butter-lovers, but they still like to keep things local. Everything, from acquisition of materials, to even the packaging, is made right here in Wellington – where Fix and Fogg are now considered condiment royalty. The brand has kept their premium status, and whilst being stocked by supermarkets, they still maintain their artisanal aesthetic through fair prices and peanut butters that go beyond the norm – think fruit toast, smoke and fire, honey, and even their new hazelnut or almond chocolate butters. Not only are their butters of sky-high quality and taste, but they have a sustainable flair too. All of their packaging is recyclable, and they even have a jar-collection initiative which encourages all customers to return their scraped-clean jars for reuse – how awesome is that???

It’s safe to say that Fix and Fogg has conquered the world of peanut butter. From mastering the art of the classic crunchy peanut butter, to actually hand-making toast, porridge, and acai bowls inspired by classic and unconventional peanut butter combinations, they’ve definitely spread their skills far and wide for everyone to experience. All I can say is this risk that Roman and Andrea took 6 years ago was one that has definitely paid off!

For more about their story and how to get your hands on a jar (or tub) of their perfect peanut butters, visit their site here!