Where to Buy The Best Hot Cross Buns in Wellington

It’s coming up to Easter, and you know what that means (apart from a very celebrated 4 day weekend)? Hot cross buns! That’s right, its that time of the year to triple your bread consumption in the name of christ – and (in no particular order) here are the best place to do so:

Leeds Street Bakery

Not only do these guys slay a salted caramel cookie (seriously if you haven’t tried it you need to), but they also bring a whole new meaning to the classic Hot Cross Bun. With a tasty tangelo twist, these sultana-laden buns have that extra depth of flavour that you won’t find at your average-Joe bakery. 


Its only fitting that a place who prides themselves on the best brownies in town also whips up some strong contenders for Wellington’s best HCB (hot cross bun). And, they even incorporate some of their chocolate mastery into the batter of these bad-boys – creating a spicy, sweet and tangy explosion that’s all mellowed together with chunks of single-origin Dominican Republic 70% chocolate. 


Vegans & Paleos – here’s something for you! On a mission to provide New Zealand with diet-friendly products, the guys at Thoroughbread prove that thigh-slappingly good hot crossed buns don’t have to contain any wheat, gluten or dairy. If you want nutty, spicy, fruity, fluffy buns with none of the allergy-nasties, these are the buns for you.

Aro Bake

Of course, I couldn’t write this piece without including our cities Hot Cross Bun breadwinner. Operating for over 30 years, you bet the team at Arobake have spent that whole time perfecting their recipe to create beautiful buns that never fail to put a smile on the ol’ dial – just ask any of their many stockists and they’ll sing the same praises! 

Sweet Release

Another dairy free, nut free, egg free and vegan hot cross bun?? You betcha, baby – Wellington Easter’s are getting woke. Known for their vegan takes on naughty home style cooking, their uber-fluffy and diet-friendly hot cross buns are just as drool-worthy as any of their cult classics. 

Clareville Bakery

Even though this bakery hails from over the Remutaka hills, their second-to-none baking skills make up for the time it takes to travel to this haven, just take one bite of their cronut and you’ll see what I mean. Here, hot crossed buns aren’t just a little snack to kill some hunger pains, they’re actually incorporated into the classic NZ’s brunch meals – think hot cross bun French toast with a dollop of cinnamon mascarpone and a sprinkling of seasonal fruit, bacon and maple syrup. 

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